2-Pieces of My Heart

I’m a go-with-the-flow girl. I like things loose and airy, and I also like being comfortable. That’s why some of my favorite outfits include rompers or dresses. But as of late I’ve found another version of these that make things a little more fun.

They have many cameos and have yet to be coined something permanent, but I’ve come to a steady pace of calling them “two-pieces”. They may also go by outfits or co-ordinates. Many different names, same chic style.

200 (2).gifNow a lot of you might be seeing these as glorified pantsuits that maybe a more hip Hillary Clinton might sport during a debate. But there are more positives than you may think to this chic new trend. Here are my top perks.

Irresponsible Choice

Many people have fallen in love with the romper look (one of those many is obviously me,1
right here). But have you tried peeing in those suckers? Stripping down butt-naked in the stall of the downtown coffee shop with my romper around my ankles isn’t the most appealing thing. The two-pieces are basically the same look as a romper/dress without the commitment. It’s just a simple top+bottom combo!

$12.99 Combo

Okay, I can’t promise they’ll all be $12.99 (though some might be), but I can promise that you’ll love the options that owning a two-piece can offer. Because the best thing about it coming in two pieces is that they don’t have to go together. I know, I kind of already gathered that you might have put this together, but you might not have ventured further to realize that you can pair that top with a pair of shorts, and those shorts with a new shirt. The possibilities are basically endless.2

Odd Shape Defying

We all know the struggle; the big-booty-small-chest structure (or vice versa). So many of3 us out there don’t have that balanced body proportion that many full-pieces want you to fit into. With the two-pieces you can easily find the right sizes and measurements for all areas of your body. No compromising. Get that medium with that XL, the two-pieces want you to have freedom.



Have I convinced you yet?

If I have here are a few places that carry some great two-pieces that I love.

(of course, affordable too!)







*please note that some places don’t sell the two-pieces together and require two separate purchases/searches*


xoxo, O.Herken.


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