Getting Thrifty

One of the best parts about going home for me is the abundance of thrift shops. And anyone who knows me also knows that more than half of my wardrobe has been purchased from some kind of wear-it-again place. I love small business and I love cheap finds: perfect harmony.

The common misconception is that dressing fashionably must be done at a price. But that’s indecently false! People tend to throw out things that are still in great condition, or things that they don’t realize are worth something or are actually desirable. Like the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure —or in this case, one girl’s old jeans are another girl’s new Calvin Klein’s.

And don’t worry, over spring break I did not forget about you all! I did a little shopping at some of my fave local spots…and hit goldmines. So here are some of my favorite finds matched with other piece from my wardrobe. Take a look:

Join the Crew


I found this skirt and fell in love with it’s versatility. A J.Crew mini found at roughly around $10, is now mine. I paired it with a fun striped shirt, sun hat, and strappy sandals for a casual look. Then, I threw in the statement necklace to offset the earthy tones, and to class it up a bit more. You can match this skirt with so many outfits. Dinner dates, off to class, or hanging in the park. A skirt like this is meant to be in your closet!


I Was In-Kleined to Buy These


I can’t help myself when it comes to word-play! These shorts are r e t r o. To the max! I found them for only $4, and they are vintage Calvin Klein high waists! Previously rocked in the 70s, currently rocked by me. I paired them with a bright tank top to really make the faded wash pop out, a nice neutral sweater, and some black/dark accessories. It’s always best to offset your accessories with your main outfit, to really get all of your colors popping out. This is one of my favorite looks, and every time I slip into the shorts I’m in awe of how chic I look in someones cheap (but expensive-looking) hand-me-downs!


Refurbished and RuffledFullSizeRender-2 (1)

I found this pair of seriously comfy shorts at only $10. They are some of the coziest things in the world to put your butt into. Light, airy, but still concealing all the right areas. And they don’t have to look casual —which is the best part to me. You can easily wear these on a night out, or to a special occasion when matched up with the right top and accessories. For this look I went for something a little more casual, but a “trying harder than the usual day” kind of outfit. An even better perk about this outfit? That jean vest you see? It used to be an old, ratty jean jacket! But with just one pair of scissors I made it into this trendy and fab accent that can be used in so many different outfits. You don’t have to pay top-dollar for the hottest trends, I promise.

Not Advised for the Elderly


When I first laid eyes on this vest…I wasn’t sure how to react. Clearly, it was out of date, and I was trying to hide my excitement. But I couldn’t! I just kept thinking about all of the classy-vest outfits that I could create with it. Vests are usually hit-or-miss, especially at resell shops. You never know if a vest is going to be chic and usable, or donated by the old woman down the street that uses them on her morning stroll. Well I found the latter, and I chose to make it work. I’ve worn this vest out many times and always get huge compliments on it! I paired it with a flowing shirt, some black skinnies, and some brown/pink accessories to balance it all out. Don’t ever underestimate the older generation.



FullSizeRender-3 (1)

I found this Old Navy vest and thought, “Hm…this would be great for adventuring!” And I was right. I wore it hiking over spring break and it kept me nice and toasty underneath the forest shade. But I had another thought, that maybe it could help to tone-down any dressy outfits? Paired here with some sneakers it really does a number on the what would-be dressy skirt and top. Don’t want such a tomboy look? Add a girly headband and some bright nail polish & rings.

Can’t Be Shy


This is one of my all-time favorite finds. Although I didn’t discover it over spring break, I’ve had it in my closet for secret-weapon use for a while now. These pants were found at a thrift shop for $7, and I love them. They’re fun, unique, and extremely formfitting. They’re high waisted (so, flattering to the max), and cropped (so, cool for the summer). I usually match them with a black top, to stray away from too much clash or washing out, but I decided to pair it with a blush tank top, and some fun black heels instead. The black really helps the fun pattern stand on it’s own, and all of the light colors will boost your skin tone!


Don’t ever underestimate the power of someone’s unwanted items, and please don’t forget small business!


xoxo, O.Herken


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