How to Relate the Oscars Fashion to Your Everyday Wardrobe

This year’s Academy Awards were filled with so much. From jokes, to advocacy, to our boy Leo finally grabbing hold of that Oscar —it was a night to remember. But some of the best things about all of these celebrities gathering together is the fashion statements they choose to make. And although you probably shouldn’t go to the grocery store in an elegant Prada ball gown, there are ways to channel all the messages they’re sending into a more casual outfit.

Floral Pattern

Textures and patterns are so great right now! They’re fun, girly, and what doesn’t say warm weather like a bunch of flowers all over you?

Here are the Oscar’s top floral-pattern looks.

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Forever 21

And here are examples of how to tie the floral trend into an every day outfit! There’s many ways to sport the fun pattern. My favorite shown here is the subtle decal on the shorts from Forever 21! Adds the perfect, flirty touch without dominating the look!




This trend just screams spring in my head. I think back to Easter mornings waking up and putting on a little pink dress, getting ready to hunt for eggs in my backyard. Well, the (perfect) shade isn’t just for young girls in skirts anymore. Here’s how a few stars rocked the pastel palette on the red carpet this year.


All shown found at Francesca’s

B4631A_blush-clHere are a few of my favorite pastel looks for your every day wardrobe! Find the shade in any kind of accessory, dress, top, &pant. It’s extremely versatile.





If you aren’t feeling the “pretty-in-pink” look and are looking for something edgier, we’ve got just the thing. Metallic is the ultimate new black (funny because it comes in black, haha). From sequins, to sheer, to a simple color: being shimmery is hot. Check out this years top metallic looks.

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Finding a metallic look in an every day wardrobe can be challenging since many clothing items that show the texture can be distracting and not very “daytime-esque”. But some solutions can include aiming for something leather or silk —both are metallic in completely subtle ways, but still give off the sexy/edgy look you’re aiming for. Another new trend that shows of an even subtler metallic side, is mirror decal. Both of the tops from American Eagle shown here have mirrored beads added to the fringe and design of them, giving them an inconspicuous metallic look that will leave people speechless. I mean, don’t be afraid of a littler sequin and glitter either (no judgment over here)!

Plunging Neck Line

Adding to the sexier looks of the warm months is the new, daring neck line. It’s a great look for a dinner date with friends, out shopping, or even just a walk downtown. One thing to add, is regardless of your cup size you can easily pull of this look (Us As and Bs gotta stick together). No one gets left behind, though, I promise. Look at these smoking hot examples.

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American Eagle

The plunging neckline is surprisingly super casual. You
can find shirts trending like this at almost any clothing store, in a variety of colors, fabrics, and styles. My favorite look is a flowing atmosphere to the shirt with some bell-shaped sleeves! Really feels out the 70s look gone a little modern.



One of the newest trends is the cutout style. We’ve seen this already in the backs of dresses and some stylish illusion tops, but there is experimenting being done in new areas. Frontal, shoulder, and waist cutouts are hitting the spotlight. Here’s just a few examples from the Oscar’s.

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It’s time to be a little daring with your closet selection, and this is the trend to do it! And there are so many ways to try it out. The black top shown here has an entire design made of cutouts and jewels, while the two white ones have simpler, larger cutouts in the torso and waist area. Transform the red carpet look into something you can rock any day with these examples.


This look doesn’t fall into it’s own specific category other than my favorite. I had to share it. The blue, the ruffling, the straps…*sighs*. Job well done in the style section, Brie. Oh, and Best Actress of the Year nbd. Favorite Look.jpg



So what do you say? Go out and find your glam with a little inspiration from the top dogs.

xoxo, O.Herken



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