Polishing off Winter

The snow is melting, the gloves are coming off, and…oh my gosh, what are those?!

What Are Those

Those, my dear, are your nails. The nails that you’ve been hiding under a pair of mittens, and the hands that have severely suffered from the wrath of old man winter. It’s time to get a manicure and let the spring warmth save your scales. But you really want a color that says spring. Don’t get caught up in the winter shades!


Nudes, pinks, and browns

An easy and practical way to do the spring nail tone is with a neutral color. Nudes, pinks, and browns are so easy to match with any outfit, and they will help you get a little extra glow on your skin tone. Always remember that lighter colors help boost up your skin tone, and darker colors drown it out.




Matte LavenderThis look is dragging out from winter, but it still looks chic. The matte finish has been taking it’s toll
with a lot of fashion areas (accessories, shoes, etc.), and plays out a bit in the new suede look. Just like the neutral tones this a great
daytime, casual nail look. Pick a color that’s bright and fun this time though, since the matte finish does tend to make a look really soft at times. Colorful pastels like lavender, blush, or a light orange are ideal.

Tip: You don’t need to go out and find a complete matte nail color. Buying a clear matte finish gel can make any color you already have look great.




Metallic2This is the look where you have the exception of dark colors. This Metallicbright, glossy, and flashy look is best when paired with a darker hue (i.e. black, grey, blue, purple). The shimmery look to the finish will rarely wash out your skin tone so there’s no need to focus on specific tones, but if you’re still worried about the winter paleness seeping out the top nail companies have come out with the best of both worlds, combining pastel and metallic together! Check it out.



One of the newest and bravest nail looks is adding a bit of texture. All winter we’ve dabbled with the a few glitz here and there, which I suspect Fringe2will be around for Texturequite some time (it’s just so fun!). But a full-out glitter trend is among us. I like to think of the 5th grade days when you would pick out a small bottle of something sparkly in the make up aisle, and go directly to painting your whole finger. Well hello 19, I’m back to elementary school (only a lot less messy). Try these fun and exciting covers on every nail to dazzle up any night or day look.



Not sure what nail trend suits you best? No fear. There’s a site for you to visit to try on any color, pattern, or texture that your heart desires. Visit opi.com/nail-studio to see all the nail trends that OPI is setting (one of the best polish companies out there, might I add). Then, if you see something you like, go out and get it so you can bring those wintered hands back to life!


xoxo, O.Herken




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