Happy Closet, Happy You

3The time has come to thin down the closet. By thin down I mean get rid of those chunky sweaters that have been swelling it up all winter! Unfortunately, we all don’t have a little Kardashian to take care of this for us, but it’s not too hard on your own! Here are some tips on starting out fresh with an organized closet.



This. Is. Huge. You have seasons and seasons of outfits to fit into one closet, but you only want the current and relevant ones up for grabs each time you style yourself. Pull in a fun-colored, plastic storage shelf, and slide it into your closet area. Fill it with accessories that need a home, all of your stocking caps, socks, or anything else that can’t hang (literally). Then fill any other space with cute bins!

All of these bins are found at Target. Literally anything you need in the cute-storage department is at Target.


Color Coordinating

4I don’t know how organized you’re wanting to be, but this is one of the best ways to make outfit-picking in the morning easier. It can even be a general coordination, maybe just darks with other darks, lights with other lights, patterns with other patterns, etc. By doing this it’ll only take just a few seconds to locate the top that you’d usually spend most of your morning looking for!



Hanging Gems

necklaceNeed a nice place to hang any necklaces that are IMG_0409
getting tangled up? Try clearing off a small spot on the clothing rod in your closet! Then hang each necklace up. There will be no more tangled messes, and they will be right at eye level for you to match up with outfits every day.





shoesShoes are an important part of an outfit. Instead of tossing them all into a bucket, or just in a pile at the bottom of the closet, try lining them up, or investing in a shoe rack. This will expand the life of your shoes by saving them from tossing, scuffing up, or being buried under anything. And it’ll look so much nicer and bring you a smile every morning!


Set the Mood

This isn’t so much about organization as it is about attitude. A happy closet can change your entire mood every morning. Decoration and lighting help key this up a bit. Some favorite ideas?

Curtains. Replace an ugly closet door with a rod and colorful curtain. Still conceals the closet-mess, but brightens up the room so much more.

Lamps. lamp If you have a dresser or shelf in your closet, set a lamp on top of it. Or try a standing lamp somewhere in or near it. Even if you add a string of Christmas lights for an easier set up. Adding lighting to a dark space can boost your happiness every morning and get you ready to take on the day.

Wall Art. Adding a small picture, maybe a canvas-quote, can motivate you every time you choose an outfit. Pick something that’ll get you moving every day! Even try making your own with a few art supplies and a tutorial on Pinterest.



Hope your closet enjoys these happy ideas, and you do too!

xoxo, O.Herken





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