Not Your Momma’s Bell Bottoms

With the new spring season arriving we’re all craving something a little new. The pants trends that are still on file should definitely stay for as long as possible (we all have our favorite pair of skinnies), but it’s time we focused a little bit less about the cuffs and flare.

Because your waist is what’s important! These two fabulous and timeless looks will help slim down your waist and accent all the right places!

High Waist

High Waist 2
American Eagle Outfitters
High Waist 1
American Eagle Outfitters

This look made an appearance in the 1940s –the same time as Levi’s created the jean scene (it’s been popular for ever!). It’s come and gone, but it’s back again.The best part about the high waist is that it really hugs your figure it just the right places, and on any body shape.

These pants can be found in so many styles, but the ones you’ll for sure want in your closet by the time the snow melts are shown here in the images.

The white jegging is flexible, and goes with anything!

The distressed jegging adds a casual feel to any outfit.

Of course, dabble in exciting colors, patterns, shades, and washes! The jean is your canvas!



Paper Bag

Paper Bag 1
Urban Outfitters
Paper Bag 2
Forever 21

This look is a little more daring: but so comfy! It adds a relaxed look to any outfit. Pair it with an equally flowing blouse, crop top, t-shirt, heels, sandals, sneakers, *breathes*, and so much more I can’t even list it. This waist line can be found in any type of bottom (my favorite is in the trousers), making it lasting all the way through Labor Day! Yay!

This look, just like the high waist, fits perfectly to any body shape! Go out and get a pair: I promise they’ll be your bff!



xoxo, O.Herken





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