I’m a Fan of Your Flannel, and Spring is Too

Plaid Header.jpgAs we jump into the milder days we find ourselves tilting our heads back and forth in front of our closets, scratching our heads, and sighing because our winter clothes just can’t come with us to spring. Though it might be true that your fur vest and cable knit sweaters assuredly cannot, the story isn’t the same for that beloved flannel.

That’s right. The Welsh-lumberjack-grunge rock band-inspired clothing piece isn’t just for keeping you cozy through the snow days. It’s continuing it’s fame with another tour. And while it might not make it all the way to the 4th of July, here’s how you can keep it with you for as long as your new, fresh, spring style desires.


Plaid on Plaid

Plaid on Plaid.jpgThis sounds unappealing, I know. But this spring is about clashing. By placing two plaid pieces (especially a top and bottom like you see here), you really take a nice casual outfit, and spice it up to a new level.

And to even add more combination to the outfit, try similar shades together (also shown in the picture). Pastels are back in this spring, and pairing two plaid-pastels can help boost your skin tone up a bit, since you’ll just be crawling out of the depths of winter. You’ll appear tanner than you actually are, and especially more than you would with darker shades.

Don’t think that matching dark tones together is bad, either, though! If your concern isn’t to hide your pasty skin, then going with two shades of blue or black will look just as magnificent!


Flannel + Blouse + Capri = Happy

Full Plaid Squad.jpgThis is one of the easiest way to style your flannel during the spring. Unbutton it and let your torso breathe! 
Blush and White.jpgPair it with one of your favorite blouses, crop-tops, or t-shirts along with a cute pair of jeans to create one of the most casual and flattering looks of spring.

Not ready for too much clashing? Try easing into it like with this white blouse + red flannel! (One of my favorite combos)

Once again, throw your patterns together, and once again throw shades together! If you have contrasting colors and
shades this season it’ll draw attention to the wrong areas (AKA the chest and stomach). If you weren’t aware, it’s all
about the booty lately, and keeping the upstairs busy will give the downstairs a little more time to shine.


What to do with the Over-sized Ones

Now, all winter long I know you’ve been cozying up with the flannels that resemble those of your dad’s during his time as a farm hand in high school, but when the warmth comes back out from hibernation, are you just gonna pack them away? No!

Over-sized and thick flannels can stick with you through the spring as well! And the best trick? Pairing them with one of the breeziest, lightest, and coolest clothing articles around: dresses.

As always, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Get creative. Get bold! This style goes with sandals, flats, sneakers, high heels – you name it.


Just Casually Hanging Around

Laid Back Plaid.jpgOne of my all time favorite looks actually just uses the flannel as an accessory of sorts. It’s also one of the best go-to casual looks, and goes BEST with sneakers. That’s right ladies, this look isn’t just for your tourist days at Disney World. Tie that sucker around your waist and own it.

I think the best thing about really getting to know this look is that it can also flow into the summer months. Gathering up your smaller flannels and hooking them around your shorts for the hot months is a great way to add a little flare.

Not to mention, how convenient?! Never forget something warm for when the sun goes down again.

Tip: Using your longer, wider flannels is more flattering around the waist. Avoiding using your smaller ones will also help avoid the appearance of a large waistline. 

Savvy Shopping Suggestions

Not overloaded with flannels like I may have assumed? Want to be? I know just where you should go! My two favorite places to pick up a good flannel are Forever 21 (bae in general), and Old Navy! You’ll always find good quality matched with a great price. Happy Shopping!





So don’t worry just yet ladies, your flannels can still be that security item in your closet when you just aren’t feeling fab. You just have to know how to treat them right, and keep making them a priority in your life. They’ll reciprocate the gratification by making you look great day after day.

xoxo, O.Herken




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